FINALLY - Home Grown Turkey Products

Finally - home grown turkey products - Available Now in the Market.

Turkey Kolbasa

We have turkey kolbasa--just cut and eat or put in home made mac and cheese or a fresh egg omelette.

Smoked Turkey Sausages

For smoked turkey sausages- just 50 calories each- no fillers.

Turkey Sausages

NEW!! We have a full range of fresh frozen turkey sausages.  For those who like it hot we have hot Italian, and Hungarian.  For those who like it mild we have mild Italian, honey garlic, bratwurst, sun dried tomato,and chili and lime sausages.  For those who like sausages early in the morning we have turkey breakfast sausages.

All our sausages are gluten free and locally made.

Turkey Burgers

We also have lean and juicy turkey burgers for that different and unique burger taste.


To bbq, you cook on high heat for about 3-5 minutes(it kinda bubbles through) and flip, then cook second side for about 3 minutes. Don't prick it to test if it's done, just cut a small piece off the edge to check.

Both Turkey Kolbasa and Smoked Turkey Sausages are great to cooked on the stove or microwaved.

Come on over to the Market and see for yourself!

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