Round the Bend Farm Photo Galleries

There is always lots to do and lots to see at Round the Bend Farm. To see a specific photo gallery just click on one of the links below.


Click here to see the growing of a pumpkin from a small plant to full grown pumpkin.


Though it may seem early, we will begin designing and planting our hanging baskets and planters the week of March 11th.  If you have any flower containers you would like us to custom plant- bring them in. and we will plant them for you

There are wonderful flower arrangements and potted plants available in the spring and the early fall. Click here to see many examples.




Click here to see some of the animals critters that live on the Round The Bend Farm.


For Teachers

Click here to access the teacher specific information for our school tours.

For Kids

Click here to download some colouring book images.

RTBF Video & Photo Galleries

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Brian & Sue's Hints & Tips

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