Honey, Relish, Oils, Jams and Maple Syrup

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On a farm where the pollination of flowers is really important for the production of fruits like pumpkins, gourds, beans, melons and tomatoes, we need honey bees. And because we have a bee yard, we also have honey.

Our honey is unpasturized and absolutely pure--extracted from our hives and sold in our market.

Did you know that unpasturized honey is the only food  that never goes bad?

Honey helps with seasonal allergies too.  I take a coffee spoon in the morning and the evening-- not in tea or coffee--just on toast or in lemon water or straight from the spoon.  My allergies are nothing like they used to be since I started doing this. Try it for yourself.

Grandma's Relish

Our relish is truly made by Grandma, and my children won't even touch the store stuff! Her recipe is a family heriloom.

To make this relish, there is a lot of labour involved.  All the ingredients are hand ground in an old fashioned grinder, then spiced up, left overnight so that the flavours meld together and then simmered for hours before ladelled into jars. It is a 2 day process.  It's a wonderful thing to hear the lids 'pop' down indicating they have sealed.

So what's in it?  Well it has cucumbers and green tomatoes, coloured peppers, cauliflower, onions, garlic, celery and pickling spices. 

Get cooking with Kettleby Herb Farm oils

Kettleby Herb Farms herb oils and vinegarette is now available in our market.

Herb oils are vegetable oils infused/steeped with herbs.  These herbs are organically grown by the Kettleby Herb Farms, harvested at their peak and infused in Olive oil.  Once the oils are saturated with the herb they are twice filtered for clarity and bottled.  Herb oils should be stored in the fridge, but allowed to come to room temperature before using.  They have a storage period of 1 year.  Come by and try their Absolutely Garlic, Radically Rosemary, and Boldly Basil oils today!

How and Where To use Herb Oils:

Herb oils can be substituted any time you use a normal cooking oil- salad dressings, marinades, sauces, stir fry, sauteing, roasting or grilling vegetables, potatoes or meat potatoes or tossed in freshly cooked pasta.

Also try using them for "drizzling" on fresh bread or as a dipping oill for breads or appetizers.

So What is 'Garlic Unleashed?'

If you liked garlic expressions--you will love 'Garlic Unleashed'  by Kettleby Herb Farms.  100% All Natural* Gluten Free* Cholesterol Free Low Salt & Less Calories than traditional dressings.

Each bottle is individually prepared using  their organically grown fresh garlic along with a special blend of organic herbs and spices; Apple Cider Vinegar from Northern Ontario and Sunflower oil from the Canadian mid-west.

Garlic Unleashed is well suited to a variety of applications from salad dressing to marinades to grilling and stir fry sauces, or try it as a dipping sauce for breads and veggies.

Kountry Kitchen Cupboard

Kountry Kitchen Cupboard: pickles, relishes, sauces, preserves and jams: Nancy Gingrich, an Old Order Mennonite who lives east of Elmira, Ontario, prepares all these from traditional Mennonite recipes. Nancy grows much of her own fruits and vegetables in her garden.

We are pleased to have these wonderful products available in our market.

Snyder Heritage Maple Syrup

Snyder Heritage farm is a 5th generation farm, producing Maple Syrup for over 100 years. In the sugarhouse, wood from their forest is used to cook the sap--no fuel oil is used.  It takes 40L of sap to make 1L of maple syrup, so reducing the water content of the sap minimizes the time and engery required to cook the sap. Snyder Heritage Farm's maple syrup has nothing added, only the water has been removed.

Available in several sizes in our market--try some today!