Fresh Organic Tomatoes

You will never want to eat a tomato sold in a grocery store once you have tasted one of our tomatoes.....

We grow all heritage varieties, that may not last as long but are grown for their flavour and nutritional value.  The old style varieties are how tomatoes are supposed to taste!

We grow red, yellow, orange, striped, dark purple and chocolate coloured tomatoes. They are the large beafstake style varieties to the mini cherry tomato varieties with names like Striped German, and Black Prince, Pineapple and Carolina Gold, chocolate cherry and Indigo Rose.

We also have a green husk tomato for making a lovely salsa verdi.  These are called tomatillo and are picked when the tomatillo fills in the papery husk.  Add our jalapeno  peppers to the mix and you have a wonderful dip for corn chips!