Naturally Grown Turkeys

Fresher than Fresh turkeys. 

Our farm fresh, naturally grown turkeys are plump, juicy and flavourful. They are corn, grain, soybean fed, and no medicated feed, no growth hormones, and no antibiotics are used to increase the size of our turkeys.

You can taste the difference from store bought turkeys. Available fresh for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Available fresh frozen during the year.



We now have more new turkey products.

Our turkeys are now available as deboned breasts and thighs.  As well, you already know our smoked turkey drums, now we also have frozen non-smoked turkey drums.

Turkey can now be on the menu in- good for you- and easy to use packaged parts.

Turkey burgers and more now here

Turkey burgers and bbq season go hand in hand. 

Our turkey burgers are light and dark meat and spices--nothing more is needed.  Just put them on the bbq on high heat, until they bubble through, flip and cook until they are done.  Juicy, and delicious they are ready to eat in about 10 minutes.

Smoked turkey sausages are great on a bun...

At 50 calories per sausage, smoked turkey sausages are a tasty addition to a meal.  Heat them up and enjoy!

Turkey Kolbasa

So I call it kolbasa and other say kielbasa- which is right?  Which ever way you spell it turkey kolbasa is  good for you and tastes good too.  We like to cut it up and add to homemade mac and cheese, omelettes and casseroles.  Or just slice it up and eat it with crackers.  It's also good sliced and heated on the bbq and eaten on a bun.  This is a low calorie, delicious turkey product made with our turkeys- for you.

Smoked turkey drums and wings

Have you ever had chicken or pea soup made with smoked turkey parts?  This is a real treat and easy to make.  Just use our smoked parts as the meat in your soup and taste the difference!  Smoked turkey wings and drums are also great in a slow cooker, in the oven and on the bbq.  Make these instead of chicken wings and enjoy a great, healthy meall!




Pies, Cookies and Squares

Our Specialty Pies

In our market we have delicious 10 inch fruit pies come from Nova Scotia. They come in many different flavours including apple, apple crumble and apple struesel, strawberry-rhubarb, raspberry, blueberry, mixed fruit.  We have prebaked pumpkin pies as well.

Our pies are frozen, but easy to bake and enjoy at home.  This is what you do-- preheat oven to 450 degrees, put frozen pie in for 10 minutes.  Turn oven temperature down to 350 degrees and bake for another 60 minutes.  Take out and let stand for 10 minutes before serving.  Pumpkin pies just need warming up before eating.

Add one of our pies and Kawartha Dairy ice cream as dessert to compliment your RTBF turkey.

Giant Cookies

What a great snack!  Would you choose ginger molasses, chocolate chip, nutella or oatmeal butterscotch to eat.  These are just a few of the kinds to choose from.  Made locally at Circles And Squares, a division of Baxter Kitchens, one is just not enough.

Squares and Loaves

Laurie's squares are a marvelous treat!  There is nothing like her date squares or chocolate peanut butter rice crispies squares.  Again, they are big enough to share but will that happen?  Once you taste it you'll want it all for yourself!

Laurie's loaves are made with many -good for you- ingredients and are made with our own zucchini or pumpkins.  They are brought in fresh baked and are quickly bought by customers!  Serve with coffee, sliced with butter or even warmed up and eaten with ice cream or whip cream they are a lovely treat to share.

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